What do you know about mongolian ger tourist camp?


Ger is a mobile residence of nomads in Mongolia. Easy to assemble, to transport, to live while moving, for nomads it is an important culture inherited from ancestors.

There are usually 3-4 beds, desks and chairs in the ger. There is a sky window called “toon” on the ceiling, and a stove stand in the center. It is assembled with rope of felt, tree and horse tail. Beds have sheets, blankets and quilts, warm them with a stove when it is cold.

In Mongolia we are using tourist ger as a tourist accommodation with a nomadic mobile "ger" as a motif. Tourist ger camp is collectively referred to as the tourist gers and facilities adjacent to another restaurant, shower and toilet.

Travelers to Mongolia who venture outside Ulaanbaatar generally stay in tourist ger camps. Anything up to 30, 40 gers  can be clustered together around a larger central ger, used for meals and entertainment. Long evenings can be spent enjoying the atmosphere and sharing stories with fellow travelers. 

The ger is heated by a central wood-burning stove, excellent for keeping out the night chill, which will be started for you each evening and usually replenished the following morning before you wake.

Evenings in ger camps are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the superb natural scenery and relax in the peaceful wilderness.