General information of Mongolia

Official name: Mongolia

Location: East Asia

Capital city: Ulaanbaatar

Population: 3,081,677 million people

Land area: 1,565,000 (605.000

Official language: 96% Mongolian, 4% Kazakh

Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic 

Legislature: State Great Khural

Major religion: 90% Buddhism

Drives on the: right

Monetary unit: Tugrug (MNT)

Exchange rate: US$1=2,400 Tug, 1EURO=2,910 Tug (as of April 2018)

Unit system: Metric system

Electricity: 220V

Local time: GMT+8 hours

Emergency call: Fire 101; Police 102; Ambulance -103

Calling code:  + 976

Climate: 4 distinct seasons   

      Spring: February-May

      Summer: June-August

      Autumn: September-November

      Winter: November –February

Average temperature: in summer +20C/+65F/, in winter -20C-25C/-15F/

Public Holidays:

    New year holiday 1-2 Jan

    Lunar new year holidays Jan- Feb

    International women’s day holiday 8 Mar

    Mother’s and children’s day holiday 1  Jun

    Naadam holidays 11-13 Jul

    Genghis khan’s birthday Nov

    Republic’s day holiday 26 Nov

    Independence day 29 Dec

Banks open hours: Weekdays 9 am-6 pm, ATM machines are available 24 hours.

Large supermarkets and shopping centers open hours: 9am- 9pm daily

Restaurants, some food courts open hours: 9am-8pm daily

Most hotels, coffee shops available free internet WiFi

The best place to shop is the State Department Store Nomin. There is a tourist section has everything that hats, t-shirts, leather-handmade bags, belts, jackets, slippers, traditional instruments, clothes, souvenirs, many kind of the best pictures of nature and others.

Gobi and Goyo cashmere factory store has the largest selection of cashmere. Large variety of luxurious cashmere, wool products for women, men, youth and children. The price is cheaper than other stories.  

All services in Ulaanbaatar available to pay Visa, MasterCard, American express card.


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